Outlook.com Very cool. Very free.

Okay, I know that it’s been around for a few years, but I have just discovered it. And it’s all due to my mother-in-law. You see, she’s coming to visit us soon and she wants to be able to use her own email anywhere. The question for her (and therefore, for me) was how to put something together that would be simple and easy for her to use and accessible anytime, anywhere. Then it hit me… Outlook.com is a full on, online, Microsoft Office tool. And it’s free! Tools include Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Calendar, People (contacts) and OneDrive. And it’s free! “Okay, mom-in-law” I said to her over the phone, “Open a browser and go to www.outlook.com. From there, just follow the i


Speed. Cool. I know it. You know it. We all know it. It can be so frustrating. The Internet. Sometimes it’s fast. Sometimes. Most times it’s a contest between when the site will load and when the coffee’s done brewing. Did that email go out yet? Has that file finished downloading? Come on!!! Those times are done. A few months ago, I attended a conference in Jerusalem and learned that Israel has one of the worst internet setups in the world. Personally, I did not doubt the speaker at all. I remember back in the 1970’s we used to joke that if we wanted a phone in the house we could order it today and we would connected about the time we had great-grandchildren. That’s how bad the infrastructur

Da'gone Computer Viruses!

Ok, so you’ve managed to pickup a virus on your computer. Now what? How do you get rid of it? How do I really know that’s the problem on your computer? And what is a virus anyway? Let’s get started. What is a virus? A virus is a manmade program or piece of code that causes an unexpected, usually negative, event. Viruses are often disguised games, screen pop-ups or images with clever marketing titles such as "Me, nude." The main goal of a virus is to infect your computer and duplicate itself by infecting other computers via email or file sharing. (That’s right. You can inadvertently send a virus to your contact list without even knowing it!) Virus Removal Step 1 First remove any connection

Backup. Oh yeah?

“There are two type of computer users. Those who backup and those who will.” Imagine that you have all your most sacred data: video, pictures, email, documents, and business on your computer. Now imagine that you think you have nothing to worry about because you think you have everything backed up. Finally, imagine what would happen if suddenly and without warning, there was a power surge so powerful that it literally burned every part of your computer. Every part. RAM, motherboard, DVD player, case and hard drives. Hard drives? That’s right. The backup that you thought you had on that second hard drive you added to your computer last year is burned to a crisp. The entire computer smells

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