We've built our business on return customers and ongoing, exceptional word of mouth. As such, we have a strict policy of going above and beyond expectations on every job. Here are some testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients...

"El Halev, NPO organization, has been working with Daniel Zahavi-Asa as our computer service and support provider for the past year.

Mr. Zahavi-Asa is attentive to our professional needs, is pleasant and gracious and attends each problem in accordance to its complexity in a professional manner.

We, at El Halev, are pleased with the personal attention, fair pricing and professional relationship with Mr. Zahavi-Asa"


Michal Medina, El Halev - Jerusalem


"Daniel is professional, pleasant and timely. Whenever we need him he is there. Fantastic network manager!" 


Yehudit Sidikman

CEO and Founding Member at El HaLev



"There are certain people who know how to mess up a computer but good. I am one of that group. And, Daniel, with his golden touch, is able to undo the mess each time. His name, Zahavi, represents his standard of professionalism in the work that he does - the gold standard. I can recommend him to you with enthusiasm and without reservation."

Rabbi Chaim Wasserman
Council of Young Israel Rabbis - Jerusalem

Lauren Dellar

Grant Writer



Thank you so much for ALL your help with my computer problems.


Here is the 500NIS we agreed on, please 120NIS for you to five to tzedaka.


I just want to express my gratitude and hope you will accept this for others in need.




"I've worked with Daniel in the past on many projects. He is diligent and professional in all aspects. It is a pleasure to work with him." 


Joe Halpert

Beit Shemesh

"I have used Daniel several times to solve networking, operating system, and hardware problems. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and creative. I recommend him as a valuable resource for the novice as well as for the experienced user, such as myself." 


Ira Skop


Shelter Island Risk Services

"Daniel provided personable and expert computer technical assistance on numerous occasions. If there is a problem with hardware, software or networks, Daniel Zahavi-Asa is the answer."  


David Roth Executive

Director Yoreinu Foundation

"Daniel is patient and persistant. He makes himself available to provide service within a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable price. He is a pleasure to work with."   


Suzie Friedman

Cognitive Therapist Melabev

Danny Kern

"Daniel was a great hire for a non-profit I was associated with. He knew exactly what needed to be done to fix the networking, hardware and software issues. He made a plan, got approval, and then implemented it. A real professional and a pleasure to work with."    


Danny Kern

DevOps Engineer and LAMP Developer

"Daniel has provided excellent, professional, quality work each time we have turned to him, usually in times of crisis for us. His friendly, confident, calming manner along with his professional expertise delivered at a reasonable (low cost) rate makes him our go-to computer guy."    


Susan Levin Co-Owner

Lone Tree Brewery

Noga Fisher



Daniel has taken care of us through thick and thin – and we are not easy to take care of!


Where do I start…

He has recovered data from a laptop that crashed without warning hours before a deadline…
He has found ways to strand wires through our imperviable walls…

He has done battle with viruses, negligent Internet service providers and buggy networks -

He even loaned me a laptop once!

In short he has been a skilled and dedicated professional that has always been there for me and my family.

"When it comes to networking and other computer issues – I trust Daniel blindly. He’s passionate about providing excellent service!"


Sam Michelson

CEO and Founder Five Blocks, Inc


"Daniel has been a valuable resource for my networking needs; I've known him for many years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him." 


Andy Levy-Stevenson

Chief Search Officer Five Blocks Inc.



"For the past 2 years Daniel Zahavi-Asa has maintained NGO Monitor’s network of over 20 computers.


Daniel is quick to diagnose problems and deal with them efficiently. Using the latest in technology he is able to resolve many issues remotely.


I am happy to recommend Daniel to anyone looking to hire an honest and reliable computer and network technician."


Dov Yarden CEO 

NGO Monitor  


Daniel's calm efficiency in setting up our computer network was invaluable during the hectic and stressful time when we were setting up a new office.


In just a few hours he managed to get everything up and running so we could get to work as soon as possible.


All the work was done in a highly professional manner and we were very pleased with the results, as well as with the fair and reasonable prices.


We will not hesitate to call on Daniel for additional work, and have recommended him to others as well.


Rabbi Yeshayahu Heber

Matnat Chaim

"As a freeance journalist, I don't have the luxury of having my computer go down for an extended period, and I don't have the knowledge to deal with computer issues myself. When bugs or other problems hit, I need them taken care of quickly and professionally. Daniel's been looking after my work and home computers for years - he's de-bugged my work computer, set up network points at home, given solid advice about software and hardware solutions and more. He gets the job done quickly, with a smile on his face and at a fair price." 


Andrew Friedman

Senior Correspondent

The Jerusalem Report

"I called Daniel to handle a tricky wiring job involving a convoluted series of wiring conduits spanning multiple floors. He assessed the challenge and tackled it in a lot less time than I expected, and at a very reasonable price. He's a straight shooter with confidence in his work, clearly based on solid experience." 


Jay Bailey

CEO, RapidFire Consulting

"I have no idea how we managed at all without Daniel. Hire him!"   


Jill Shames

Coordinator Kids Kicking Cancer/

The Heroes Circle

"I've known Daniel for 10 years now, and I recommended him to customers even before he asked me to. He's smart, knowledgeable and a nice guy. Just the sort you'd want to entrust your small office network to." 


Efram Riback

IT Manager Earnix

"I have known Daniel for a couple of years. You are immediately struck by his eagerness to provide creative solutions for clients, who are often unaware of how complex their problems may be. For anyone with either home or office computing and networks, Daniel is evidently au fait with new capabilities on the market."    


Michael Horesh

Licensed business mentor & consultant

"The person who sold me my first computer gave me this advice: Computers are your friends; they're just not your best friends." When my computer becomes "unfriendly," as it inevitably will at the worst possible moment, I call ZahaviNet to restore order to my workday. As a communications and creative media professional, any computer downtime launches an immediate crisis. I know I can count on Daniel Zahavi-Asa for conscientious, quick, and skilled service to solve problems efficiently and keep my office running at full speed, all the time. I also rely on Daniel's expertise when I'm looking to upgrade equipment and for advice on myriad technical issues that are simply over my head. I highly recommend ZahaviNet for reliable management of office networks and home computer systems.  


Yehoshua Halevi
Professional Freelance Photographer

Friday, June 30, 2006


Great Service Gets Rewarded


After seeing his services advertised on the Nefesh B'Nefesh list, I recently hired Daniel Zahavi-Asa of ZahaviNet, Ltd. ("care for your small office/home office networks") to fix various computer troubles I was having. It was mostly things that I could have done myself, being somewhat computer savvy, but it took him a lot less time to do it, and he did it better than I would have, and time is money.


He installed my wireless router, so yes, I can now work on my laptop anywhere in my apartment. He configured the laptop to receive my email, so yes!, I can now work on my laptop and email files to clients, without having to go to Emek Refaim Street (you may note that I've owned this router for a year, and the laptop for a year and a half, and never bothered tweaking it so it would actually be useful to me -- that's how annoying this job seemed to me). He showed me how to painlessly move files from my desktop to my laptop. He gave me advice about where to buy a new printer and a new monitor. And -- this was his idea -- he mounted my 2 power strips to the back of my desk, so they are off the floor! My workspace looks so much neater now!


All in all, Daniel did a great job, in very little time, and was a true mensch. I recommend him highly. If you live in the Metro-Jerusalem area and need a "solution" for your small office problems, give him a call. The number is 053-726-5175