Our Services

Daniel specializes in the planning, creating and implementing solutions for SOHO (small office and home office)  networks. The key to setting up and operating your  office is Daniel’s initial professional assessment of your commercial environment in balance with the demands of your workflow.


The list of typical issues includes printing problems, viruses, back up, slow computers and more. Daniel ‘s ability is to convert seeming large setbacks into simple issues, resolving them efficiently and effectively. This is one of the core stages towards permanent commercial growth.


A typical case study is when Daniel is summoned immediately after a power outage that has caused the office network to crash. Daniel is  able to restart the system with minimal data loss and downtime, because of the original configuration, which he designed and installed.


What this simple example illustrates is the paramount value of Daniel’s depth of experience which he brings to each to his clients.The fear of uncertainty in a complex set of technology is replaced by a trust in the system that can deliver.



Daniel’s guide for happy computing
Virus/spyware removal

Daniel is expert at repairing your “broken” computer. Your computer won’t start up? Won’t turn on? We can help. If you purchase a new computer or are moving an existing computer or other equipment to a new location, Daniel can help you get up and running fast! We will do all installation and configuration of computers and related peripherals.


We have lots of experience with helping clients whose computers, unfortunately, contract viruses and spyware. Ridding your computer of these bad guys is our specialty!

Daniel offers a monthly maintenance plan where we will visit your site on a regular basis to make sure your computers and network are running at their optimal best. We are also available between visits to handle any troubleshooting issues. And for the home user, Daniel will setup a convenient bi-yearly plan for regular check-ups and maintenance for your home computer to keep it healthy and happy.

Data backup solutions

The last thing in the world you need is to lose your data. No matter if it’s documents, music, pictures or videos, nobody enjoys finding out that their data is gone. There are several ways data backup can be accomplished and this where Daniel can step in to help you make the right decision.