Ever wonder how PDF files are created?


Ever have the need to send a document to someone that cannot be altered? Maybe a CV or other business document? Now you can with a little free product called a PDF writer. To be sure, there are lots of them to be found all over the internet. The one we particularly like it CutePDF. You can find it at www.cutepdf.com. Simply download the installation file, install and voila!, it's ready to use. But wait you say. To where did it install? Here's the fun part. Simply load the file you want to print into a word processing app (i.e. Word) and go to print it. When the print wizard asks which printer to use, simply choose CutePDF Writer! You then fill in the file name and the location of where to "print" the file. CutePDF will then write the file in PDF format to the location of your choice. Browse to where you saved the file and open it with Adobe or another PDF reader. You've just created your first PDF! How cool is that?


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