7 Steps to a Healthy Computer

Just like you take regular care of your car, you also need to service your computer to keep it running in top shape. Here’s what needs to be done:

Bust the Dust

Dust inside your computer can cause it to overheat and suddenly shut down or fail completely. Although dust is usually harmless, when it gets inside your computer, it can cause overheating and if you don’t take care of it regularly, there’s a good chance your CPU (the computer brain) could burn out.

Step 1: Remove all the dust inside your computer leaving you with a clean machine.


Every time you surf the web, install or uninstall applications, or simply work on documents, small traces are left behind on your computer. After a while, these small files begin to take up space, stop up your computer, make your web browser malfunction and generally make it harder for your computer to work properly. We’ll rid your computer of these files that clog your computer.

Step 2: De-junk your computer

Check for Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits

You need to make sure that your computer is completely clean of viruses, spyware and other malware these pests. Working on a malware free computer means that you don’t have to worry about spyware collecting personal information without your permission, your identity being stolen without your knowledge, or bad guys threatening even more severe problems if you don’t pay the extortion fee to get rid of the virus (that they put there in the first place!). We’ll get the viruses out and your computer protected.

Step 3: Eliminate Malware

Update Software:

Outdated software can cause havoc. No application is bug free and they can sometimes actually be the path from which a virus is let into your computer. Therefore, keeping all your software updated, purchased and free, is very important. This includes all Windows updates, all Microsoft Office updates, renewing/updating any anti-virus software as well as any 3rd party software updates (Adobe Reader is one example). We’ll do all the updating necessary (you pay for any purchased software) to make sure your computer is as bug-free and updated as possible.

Step 4: Get Updated

Diagnose Hardware Issues

Sometimes bad memory (RAM) or a failing hard drive presents itself as a problem elsewhere within our computing experience (For example, a disk check every time your computer starts up). Therefore, it is very important to perform checks on the computer hardware to make sure that your hardware is also healthy. The DVD burner is also part hardware diagnosis. Sometimes, the electronic eye of the DVD drive can become covered by a film of dust (Imagine that!) This needs to be cleaned off as well so that your DVD movies will play smoothly. We’ll test your computers’ RAM and hard drive, and give that DVD burner a good testing and cleaning as well.

Step 5: Get diagnosed

Clean up the Registry

The registry is basically the computer overlord. It keeps track of every installed program, Windows and many other features of your computer. Without the registry, your computer would be dumber that you already think it is. Consequently, the registry also needs regular maintenance and performing this task will keep Windows running more efficiently. We will get that registry cleaned up spick and span.

Step 6: Registry Cleanup

Defrag the hard disk

Your hard drive is designed to hold lots of data. After a while, the amount of data builds up to such an extent, that is begins to affect the efficiency of your computer. You must defrag. Defragging is simply the process in which the computer consolidates all the pieces of files that are scattered all over the hard drive, thereby making it easier for the computer to locate them. There are several benefits of defragging the hard drive, the most important of which is that it will save wear on the hard disk and therefore prolong its mechanical life.

Step 7: Defrag the Hard Drive


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